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Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust is dedicated to the preservation of southern Maryland's agricultural, forested and open space land in the five tidal counties of the Patuxent River watershed (Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and St Mary's). PTLT's mission is to sustain the region’s biodiversity and water resources through a network of protected landscapes; to advance the stewardship of forest and farm lands as vital local and regional economies; to preserve the region’s unique historic and scenic character for resident’s sense of place, visitor’s enjoyment, and prospective newcomer’s attraction; and to guide the pattern of future growth.

To accomplish this mission PTLT acquires (by purchase or donation) land and conservation easements. Land trusts are committed to the protection of land in perpetuity. Every site and every situation is unique. The Trust works with landowners, communities and funders to address needs and circumstances of the present while also seeking to protect the interests of future generations.

Strategic Conservation Plan

In January 2012 PTLT completed a Strategic Conservation Plan. PTLT mapped the lands in southern Maryland that are of highest priority to protect resources that advance its mission: Biodiversity Resources, Water Resources, Historical and Cultural Resources, Agricultural Resources, Scenic Resources and Recreation Resources. (View the map.)

Protecting Southern Maryland's Landscape

In 2012 PTLT led a series of collaborative workshops in southern Maryland with agencies and organiations that are working to protect the landscape of the 5 counties of southern Maryland. The objective of the project is to increase the effectiveness of land protection on the region by facilitating collaboration, identifying gaps in protection and connecting land protection plans. Learn more about this project.


Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust was formed in 1996.

Under the Rural Legacy Program the state of Maryland makes funding available to local governments and land trusts to preserve large contiguous tracts of land through conservation easements and fee simple purchase. With St Mary's County's Board of Commissioners the Trust co-sponsors two Rural Legacy Areas: Huntersville (designated 1998, expanded 2006 and 2013) and Mattapany (designated 2006, expanded 2010). Over 3700 acres in the 8,896-acre Huntersville area have been protected through the Rural Legacy Program. An additional 603 acres are protected by the Maryland Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation, Maryland Environmental Trust and the County’s transfer of development rights program. About 400 acres of the 13,660 acre Mattapany area have been protected under the Rural Legacy program. An additional 2,230 acres are protected by the Maryland Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation, the County’s transfer of development rights program, and County purchase of land.

In addition to the two Rural Legacy Areas, the Trust holds conservation easements on properties with important conservation values. The Trust will continue to seek opportunities to preserve land and the rural landscape throughout the five-county southern Maryland region.

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