Thank you to Margaret Meringolo, retiring Board President

Margaret Meringolo, member of PTLT’s Board and President for many years, has retired from the Board.  Margaret joined the PTLT Board in 2002. She took on the responsibility of Board President in December, 2003 and continued to serve in that role until November, 2011. In Margaret’s 8 years of leadership, PTLT deepened not only its commitment to land preservation, steadily expanding the number of acres and properties protected by conservation easements, but also its dedication to excellence, building organizational strength and capacity as a professionally managed nonprofit land trust. An indomitable optimist, Margaret has infused PTLT with her upbeat personality and her forward-thinking creative outlook. As a warm and gracious hostess and incomparable chef, she made sure that PTLT meetings were not only business events but also delightful social occasions. We are extremely grateful to Margaret for her many generous years of service to PTLT. (Dec. 23, 2011)

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